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Anything can happen when two or more people get together: agreement, argument, bad time, good time, laughing, fighting, shouting, hugging… It’s because we are different one from another. You are in a big step ahead towards good relationship if you understand there are so many different kinds of people in this world, from type A to Z.
Sometime we do not think that way and always forcing them to understand us. Not all of them can accept us … not all. Why? Because they are not you!

We are already in this world for long time, I can guarantee we all have experiences in relationship, no doubt about that. Even when we are watching movie we are learning relationship even though the story in the movie is not real. Why do we still have problems in relationship… that can make us stress?

Think of someone that you know, let’s say your brother (or sister). Investigate all of his (her) characters … yes even the nasty ones. Group them into two groups, bad characters and good characters. Got it? Now simple question, how do you know it’s good or bad? Why makes our life difficult, follows the good ones and you will be another big step ahead to good relationship. It gives you a stress relief.

‘What is if I can’t find the good ones?’ At last someone ask, that’s a good question. It means you do not know the person.

RelationshipWhich one is easier, controlling yourself or other people? Yes … you are right: yourself. Therefore in having bad relationship what you should do first? … self introspection. Manage yourself, think all over again. Why I am doing this? Am I doing right? What did I do that makes he dislike me? …

It will be a wonderful world if everybody can self introspection and can understand each other.