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Health problems

How many times you are wondering “why it’s happening to me!” That is life, anything can happen anytime anywhere. You will find the beauty of life if we can see life in the right angle. Other people can see it if you do not see it.
It reminds me of Roberto Benigni’s movie ‘Life Is Beautiful’ where a father, in his toughest life in second world war time, tried to help his son to survive, made him happy even until someone ended his life. Its beauty has earned some awards including Oscar and Cannes Film Festival grand prize.

Health problem can make us stress, the stress then can even make the condition worst. In today’s modern life there are so many health treatment that you can follow, from simple treatment such as yoga practice to expensive hospital operation. From simple breathing exercise to taking prescribed medicine. Follow that best suits you.
Unfortunately our body can not cure most health problem by itself; otherwise we all are super people.

Few days after university graduation my cousin had a car accident. She was paralyzed from head to toe, could not control any part of her body not even her eyes. She had to breathe through a special hole in her neck.
Everybody was very sad and stress about her health. After weeks treatment in hospital her family took her home as nothing else can be done and it required a lot of money. The doctor also recommended home treatment. Only miracle can bring her to normal condition.

I am very lucky compare to her, I can talk, eat, walk, browse internet, and make this website.

It is painful if we have health problem but be strong, do not let your body control your mind and soul. Your mind and soul should control your body.

Take a deep breathe, let fresh air enter our body and think wonderful things. Be happy; do not get stress about it.

Let’s fight our health problem from two angles, from inside and outside. Get well soon…