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Financial problems

Do you think money is the source of everything? With it we can buy food, house, car, clothing, TV and many others. Yes it is very nice if you can have lots of money as the world is in your hand all dreams may come true. It also the source of all problems when you do not have it.
Before looking at the future let’s get back for a while to the old ‘stone’ age. Do you know how human invented money, yes I’m sure you do. It is because they needed something that is easy to barter and to keep. And what do they barter it for…food and clothing! If we back to basic needs as long as we can have food, decent clothing and a place to stay… you are fine. Not really? Why not? I’m … stress … broke have no money … ops.

I have been traveling in many undeveloped countries and have seen many very poor living conditions. I keep thinking why they are poor every time I walk on the street passing beggars with very dirty cloth on, people staying in shelters made from cartoon, children with bare food helping their parents digging rubbish looking for something to eat… very sad.

On the other hand I see people proudly driving expensive cars, have very nice suit expensive clothing walking on the street, eating in a fancy restaurant, wearing a big gold jewelry… very nice

From the two conditions above which one do you usually see? “I see the second one, the healthy leaving”…good answer, no wonder you have no money. “The first one!” … then you should be glad better than them. Are you still feeling stress? “Yes relief a bit… but I still have no money” … ops.

There are so many books, seminars, and workshops about earning money. You can pick one of them then work on it, starting from the easiest one such as taking part in paid survey in internet to how to build a multi billion company. But be aware most people still fail because they just know it or if they know it they don’t implement it well. It requires commitment.

Long time ago there was a boy who worked in a huge field as fruit picker during his school holiday even though his parent had given him enough money for buying food and other basic requirements. Working under a bright sunlight and only earned little money were not a concern for him. After working or in the weekends he played with his friends who some of them had nice cars.
He has done many type of jobs: working in a production line, electrician assistant digging soil to open cable way, picture framer… now he is working a big multinational company as a zone manager taking care of some countries. I know him very well because he is partner. The point is: work hard then the fruits will come… sooner or later.

Here is a story taken from anonymous email:

There was a small group of poor people fishing with bamboo sticks by the side of a small river. They talked and laughed together. A rich man parked his expensive car nearby and looked at one of the fishing men who smiles at him.
He then approached and asked “Almost every morning I see you fishing, don’t you work?”
“Why do you want to work?” replied the fishing man.
Rich man: “So that I can earn money”
Fishing man: “Why do you want to earn money?”
Rich man: “So that I can buy a car like that” he appointed his expensive car.
Fishing man: “Why do you want to have an expensive car?”
Rich man: “Because I like it?” he answered curiously.
Fishing man: “Why do you like it?”
Rich man: “Because it makes me happy!”
Fishing man: “That is why I am fishing, it makes me happy”
The rich man returned to his car and kept thinking what the fishing man just said. The fishing man is enjoying his life…

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