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Manage stress sources

There are three main things that we always talk about: health, money and relationship. They are the sources of what we mostly do in daily life…

We eat everyday to keep healthy… I mean good and well balanced food, not all kind of food. Health is priceless, without good health we can’t enjoy life in maximum way. Actually it is not only food in form of what we eat, but also food for our brain and soul… listening to relax music, good massage, reading  books, you name it lots of them.

Money… most of us do care about it. To get food we need money, to get money we need to work, to work well we need to be healthy, to be healthy we need good food, to get food we need money … etc. No doubt financial matters are part of our life.

We are human being, interact one another … either with closest people such as our family member or with others, at work, at school, public places … everywhere. We make relationships; believe it or not, it starts as soon as we arrive in this world as a baby… we make relationship with our mother!

We may get stressed if all those things are not running as expected. Unfortunately they are not always running perfectly, accident can happen but fortunately most of them can be managed or controlled.

There is one more thing that we should not forget … our mother earth. Our wonderful world should be maintained well, do not make it unbalance… more and more natural disaster happens recently. Good taking care of it is important because we live on it.