Knowing Your Stress

You go to a doctor when you are sick. He asks you the symptoms; tries to find the source of your illness, and then finds suitable medicines to cure it. Handling your stress requires the same way.

People think they are clever if they do not know that they are stupid. You know that you are stress. What are the symptoms?

  • Shaking legs when a very handsome man walking towards you
  • Can not sleep at night, keep thinking how to achieve sales target
  • Your face flushes & heart beats very fast every time you talk in front of many people
  • …etc.

First you need to find the source of your stress. What make you stress?

  • Health problem.  I have been hospitalized more than 1 week due to severe sickness, two times… not an easy experiences.
  • Financial problem. Human, we never satisfy… we have $1 want $10, have $10 want $100, have $100 want $100…etc.
  • Personal problem. Feeling guilty, feeling incompetent, being afraid of dying, feeling lonely, bad temper… you name it…heaps of them.

Knowing your stress is the first steps to handles stress. It’s a basic requirement, you can not manage what you do not know. Take note what you feel about your stress. Is it because of bad situation or good situation, do you consider your stress level is low or high, serious or not serious?