First step stress relief

We are born to cope and handle our life naturally. Do you remember who teach you how to drink your mother’s milk when you first arrive in this world? Your mother, your sister, brother? No, you don’t.

There are simple things that naturally you do to response your stress. You feel a need to reduce stress when you feel stress tension. Crying, yelling, drink water, take a deep breath are some natural feedback to your stress.

I’ve seen a person eat ice cream when she is in stress…what a wonderful solution! More common ways that you can do: stretching, do a little body exercise, walking, listening music, reading, browsing Internet, playing computer games, watching movie, recreation, practice hobby… 

They work because our brain can not focus on two things at the same time. Your brain focus on your stress when you are stress. Change the focus to other thing like things in the list above then the stress will disappear. However your brain will come back to your stress when you have finished with your activity… usually come back with less tension… yes less stress!