Coping Stress

There are three key elements on how we are coping stress: understand our world, learn from experience and be ready for our future. 

Remember stress is our natural feeling, avoiding stress can make things worst. In fact you should manage stress reaction and condition that induce it. Do you still remember your feeling coming to your first date with your man? Nervous …what dress should I wear. Heart beats fast, sweating …how many time did you look at mirror? Do you like those stress feelings?

You can cancel your date if you do not want to face the feelings. But things can get worst, you will remember him all day long, can not sleep and the worst one … you won’t get the man.

Do some self assessment from time to time. Understand that bad things or good things can happen. Decide which feeling you want to face, look at the past or learn other people experiences. Ask yourself, “What do I do to avoid such situation”, “What am I going to do if it happens again”. You’ll be ready to handle the stress when it comes.

Stress Management