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Stress Comes Everyday

You are facing different conditions emotionally or physically everyday. Stress appears as your response to the situation, part of your interpretation of the events in your life. You are not alone; all of us face it from time to time. It is a nature reaction that we can not avoid but we can manage it.

What is happening if you walk on the street and all of sudden a snake appear in front of you? You shock, step back and run away, suddenly your heart pumps harder, your blood circulates quicker. This condition can promote heart attack or stroke… bad results.
But some people are not shocked because maybe they walk on the street everyday, know there are many snakes in the area … they have prepared.
Or even they smile… why? They are happy because they are snake collectors! … looking forward seeing snakes everyday…

Stress response can be good for us. Immediate response in emergency situation such as the event above can safe our live. You step back suddenly to avoid snake attack even though it does not attack. What happen if the snake cases you, I bet you run run and run … very fast … faster than you can imagine. You could win gold medal if you run like that in a race track… Hey that’s a positive thing; so just imagine the snake when you are in run competition or… you can be a good actor if you can pretend things happen in your brain and react to it.

Stress can give a bad long term result. You are very shocked after seeing a snake so that the snake figure can not get away from your brain, while you are eating … it appears in your mind, you are sleeping … you dream it, you are looking at your husband … he looks like a snake…  no no no not good. Unrelieved stress can lead you to a health problems, depression, headache, insomnia, high blood pressure, ulcers, stroke…

Getting stress relief depends on how you react to stress. It’s easy for some people and some very hard to cope with stress. Before you manage your stress you must know the source of your stress. We manage what we know. Don’t try to ignore it, face it. Yes, it requires commitment and some works. Get help from someone if you can not cope it by yourself.

There are lots of books and consultation service available for conquering your stress that you can learn. But it won’t work if you just knowing it, you must implement it… do it!

Life is like a running wheel sometime we are on the top sometime we are in the bottom. Be happy if you are in the bottom because you can go up, be prepared if you are on the top because you can slip down.

Be ready mentally as well as physically. Do regular fitness exercise such as jogging, swimming, walking. Maintain your ideal weight, eat nutritious balance food & enough sleep.

Understand that anything can happen anytime, anywhere either it’s good or bad.